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Electrostatic (non-glue) film for printing

Best quality material for offset UV. Can be printed in many formats for marketing campaings and points of sale.

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Electrostatic (non-glue) sticky notes

Useful company gadget for office service companies, schools, training companies and any other businesses.

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Electrostatic (non-glue) flipcharts

Full mobility in the classroom! Alternative to standard boards and flipcharts. Useful for schools, training companies and any other businesses. PVC free, no glue, no residue.

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New generation of film.

Our electrostatic sheets for UV printing are available in many formats for different marketing campaigns. Symbio is also flexible with prices and delivery.

Non-adhesive, no glue

Just cling it to any surface, move and replace. Non-glue, no residue, no surface cleaning. The future belongs to electrostatics.


Non-glue, PVC-free, 100% recyclable and responsible packaging

Uses electrostatic force

We use “magical” properties of electrostatic charges in innovative way.

Universal application

Ideal for temporary indoor marketing applications. Wall, board or maybe metal surfaces. Easy to install and even easier to remove. Our clients are UV printers, marketing agencies and marketing departaments.

Does not leave residue

SymbioCling cares about safety and cleanliness of substrate. No more adhesive residue!

Who we are?

Symbio Media Group Sp. z o.o.

Symbio Media Group is the Polish producer best quality electrostatic, non-adhesive, non-glue and PVC free, different formats material which adheres to various indoor surfaces without leaving any residue and damage. Just cling it to the wall, glass, concrete, wood, furniture board, plastics, wallpaper, ceramics and many more. It holds even up to 12 months. We deliver a quality products at a competitive prices!

electrostatic sticker

Promotion and sales

Product information on household equipment: TV set, refrigerators, dishwashers…


No adhesive material.


Information materials and posters

Health benefit information campains.

Pharmaceutical companies

Pharmacy advertisement.


New way of advertisement

Die cutting advertisement.


Great multipurpose gadget.


Easy to use on many surfaces.



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How to use SymbioCling & SymbioNotes?

It was important for us to find a product that would help us promote in a simple way our new yacht – a company showcase and mascot. Posters made of adhesive film, containing printed picture and advertising slogan appeared to be a bell ringer – they cling perfectly to any surface (concrete walls), neither detach nor get damaged. We cling them on doors, walls, window panes… When we are fed up looking at them, we remove them and relocate in some other place. Regardless how many times we do it, they keep looking very well.


A year ago we introduced into our offer products made of electrostatic film. Before that we were using various other materials, which caused certain problems: adhesive residues (with self-adhesive films), as well as no capability to cling to various surfaces. The film manufactured by Symbio solved all these issues in the best possible way. In addition to its very good quality, it helps us use our products on various, strangest objects.


We think SymbioNotes is an excellent and visible promotional product and our customers agree. SymbioNotes is easy to use.


We have ordered SymbioNotes for us and our customers. The products are innovative and smart. We have always received prompt and professional help from Symbio Media Group, with a brilliant result!


Poznan Science and Technology Park (PPNT) was looking for a creative and innovative gadget consistent with the identity of our modern brand. SymbioNotes perfectly met our needs and expectations. These practical, electrostatic sticky notes arouse great interest among our clients and partners. At the same time, we are pleased 100% recyclable notepads we ordered follow the eco trend.


Our offset printing house has been for many years providing services to customers from various industries. We always try to offer the highest quality of products and services and implement novelties following the most state-of-the-art trends. As soon as we recognized SymbioCling electrostatic films we demonstrated their outstanding properties to our customers. We got immediate effects – customers started to order print-outs exactly on this material! We can say that currently we are a printing house specialized in printing on SymbioCling, which is something our customers appreciate.


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SymbioNotes presentation

SymbioFlipcharts application

SymbioCling application

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