New generation of flipchart.

Electrostatic flipchart.

Indispensable in the office and not only there!

Several formats ( B3, B2) fitiing to different flat surfaces. Available in 9 colors, including white and clear. There is no need to multiple frames for traditional flipcharts. Just a few walls, windows, mirrors and doors are enough. The mobility of flipcharts allows to gather them in one place and conduct active presentations for all trainees at once.


Multifunctional flipchart.

You can write on them with felt-tip pens on the colored side, as well as with dry-erase on the back. This option gives the possibility of multiple use. When they hang on the wall for a long time and can be an inspiration for many weeks and months. Flipcharts are also easy to transport.

Unique features.

Uses electrostatic

We use “magical” properties of electrostatic charges in innovative way.


We prove it is time to put adhesive out to pasture! The future belongs to electrostatics.


Put SymbioNotes against anything you want! Wall, board or maybe metal surfaces?


Relocate SymbioNotes film without removing it from the surface! Do not be scared to reapply many times.

Does not leave

SymbioNotes cares about safety and cleanliness of substrate. No more adhesive residue!

Technical information.

SymbioFlipchart is a block of electrostatic film sheets. It has 2 standards sizes: B2 (49,5 x 69,5 cm) and B3 (34,5 x 49,5 cm) tipped onto 2 mm gray cardboard with a 220 gsm cover paper . Quantity of sheets is 25, 50 or 100. It is available in nine colors: blue, red, turquoise, green, orange, pink, yellow, white and transparent.

SymbioFlipchart is made of an electrically charged polypropylene film, 50 µm of thickness.

The benefit of using SymbioFlipchart is its ability to cling to any clean and dry surfaces without leaving a residue. It adheres to wood, brick, metals, glass, drywall, plastic: any surface except certain fabrics. Because of its repositionability, changing surface is very easy. It is environmentally friendly, and doesn’t contain any volatile chemicals.

There is a possibility to write on them with felt-tip pens on the coloured side, as well as with dry-erase on the back. This option gives the chance of multiple use. The perfect tool for conducting courses and presentations. They hang on the wall for a long time.

Standard colors:
– green
– orange
– yellow
– pink
– blue
– red
– turquoise
– white
– transparent

Standard sizes:
– 49,5 x 69,5 cm (B2)
– 34,5 x 49,5 cm (B3)
Other options on customer demand.

Type and basis weight: standard or folded premium / 220g
Printout: digital or offset; one-sided or two-sided (4+0 / 4+4)
Optional refinement: varnish or glossy / opaque film

Material available for download to hard drive (click to download):
REACH declaration for SymbioMediaGroup products

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