New generation of notepad.

Creative gadget.

Indispensable in the office and not only there!

A new opening of non-adhesive Post-It® type notepads. It is a true revolution in the office, at home, as well as in many other places! Electrostatic pads for taking notes win users’ hearts due to their versatility. See how they look like, check out how they work and find out the power of electrostatics.


Multifunctional notepad.

Write what you want, put it where you want (wall, bricks, wood, glass, board…), move, remove and … cling again! Simplicity and fun and what is more important – very useful. Irreplaceable in every office, school, at every home or in any training. The range of 8 colors of pads, 2 options of covers, 4 standard sizes with an option to a make size on request.

Unique features.

Uses electrostatic

We use “magical” properties of electrostatic charges in innovative way.


We prove it is time to put adhesive out to pasture! The future belongs to electrostatics.


Put SymbioNotes against anything you want! Wall, board or maybe metal surfaces?


Relocate SymbioNotes film without removing it from the surface! Do not be scared to reapply many times.

Does not leave

SymbioNotes cares about safety and cleanliness of substrate. No more adhesive residue!

Technical information.

Standard colors:
– green
– orange
– yellow
– pink
– blue
– red
– turquoise
– white

Standard sizes:
– 100 x 70 mm
– 190 x 100 mm
– 190 x 140 mm
– 72×72 mm
Other options on customer demand.

Type and basis weight: standard or folded premium / 350g
Printout: digital or offset; one-sided or two-sided (4+0 / 4+4)
Optional refinement: varnish or glossy / opaque film

Order free samples and find out the power of electrostatics!