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New generation of film.

Electrostatic printable film.

For offset UV

Best quality electrostatically charged PP film on cardboard backing for offset and offset UV printing. Available in white and clear, fast delivery, different formats, and competitive prices.

Our advantage is biggest in the world formats’ flexibility.

Easy to apply, repositions without detacking, does not leave adhesive residue.

Innovative solution for indoor advertising medium, also for branding during events, congresses and exhibitions.


New, creative way to provide visuals.

SymbioCling is perfect solution for noticeable, attractive marketing campaigns, points of sale and decorations. Electrostatic, non-glue and PVC free material which adheres to various indoor surfaces without leaving any residue and damage. It holds even up to 12 months.

Possible to cling on almost any surface – glass, concrete, wood, car body, furniture board, plastics etc.

Technical information.

Standard sizes:
– 450 x 610 mm
– 480 x 650 mm
– 520 x 720 mm
– 700 x 1000 mm
Other options on customer demand.

Our sheets are packed:
– Pallet: 2000 sheets bulk
– Ream: 200 sheets

Material available for download to hard drive (click to download):
SymbioCling information leaflet
REACH declaration for SymbioMediaGroup products

Unique features.

Uses electrostatic

We use “magical” properties of electrostatic charges in innovative way.


We prove it is time to put adhesive out to pasture! The future belongs to electrostatics.


Put SymbioCling against anything you want! Wall, board or maybe metal surfaces?


Relocate SymbioCling film without removing it from the surface! Do not be scared to reapply many times.

Does not leave

SymbioCling cares about safety and cleanliness of substrate. No more adhesive residue!

Order free samples and find out the power of electrostatics!